Private Mastodon#mastodon

The #backend guts that make #Mastodon #MastodonProject work is extremely clever, but their interface feels exactly like if you asked a backend #coder to slap something together at the last minute. An #opensource project that desperately #needs more #designer and #frontend #volunteers.

@xuv I wished #Mastodon would use this. It actually has a Mastodon icon, in contrast to Fontawesome.


@Gargron Thanks for the ultra quick response! Yes I think that's what I mean. Previously when the user would click on "show more" the content of the page viewed would extend like with infinite scrolling whereas now the amount of content shown stays the same. I don't like infinite scrolling too in most cases, but in this case it's the better option. #Mastodon

I just viewed a full profile on in a desktop browser & discovered that clicking on "show more" does show older toots but also hides newer ones. That's a pretty new behaviour I think & I hate it. Please reverse that change @Gargron! #Mastodon

#Mastodon v2.7.2 is out 🎉

It is a backport release, which means if you are running from the master branch, it's not for you.

@Gargron and #mastodon what is the final video file upload size in mastodon? is it 8Mb still?

@rysiek In German: Aufruf an alle #Fediverse Admins von Instanzen in der #EU. Die #CopyrightDirektive kommt und wir müssen unseren EU Parlamentariern zeigen, wie sehr europäische Internetseiten betroffen sind.

Wir bereiten eine Liste aller EU-basierten #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale und verwandten Instanzen vor.

Bitte kontaktiert mich. Ich brauche nur euren Domainnamen, den EU Staat in dem die Seite gehostet wird und das grobe Thema der Instanz. Die ungefähre Nutzerzahl wäre hilfreich, ist aber nicht nötig.

Bitte helft mit, das ist wirklich wichtig!

Appel à tous les admins du #Fediverse qui gèrent des instance dans l'#UE. La #CopyrightDirective se rapproche et nous devons montrer aux parlementaires ses effets sur l'Internet.

Nous préparons une liste de toutes les instances européennes #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, etc.

Contactez-moi. Je n'ai besoin que du nom de domaine, du pays et de l'objectif général de l'instance. Un nombre approximatif d'utilisateur est le bienvenu, mais pas indispensable.

C'est important.

Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.

I made up my mind: I will no longer attempt to contribute to or promote #mastodon .

After a few days I cannot get any specific information why one of my features was reverted :

This is the last straw after:
➖ missing dev documentation
➖ paywalled -dev discord channel
➖ unclear requirements
➖ loads of bad communication.

I respect the maintainers for what they have created so far, but I will not waste any more of my time trying to help.


I just learned that some of my #mastodon contributions were deleted less than a month after merging, for causing "Issues with line breaks / clutter":

They went through the full review before merging. I was not asked to fix them, test in another browsers afterwards. No one contacted me. Just deleted a feature that I really wanted to see and decided to create for everyone.

That's why people aren't interested in #mastodondev @Gargron

Experimenting with #ActivityPub, I discover that after a few failed attempts to post to a #Mastodon instance (wrong signatures, things like that), Mastodon replies 500 (plus HTML) to POSTs. Using a fresh identity on the same instance solves the problem. Does it ring a bell for someone? (No, I didn't file a formal bug report, I need to collect more traces and log entiries first. This is a toot, not a technical report.)

Ich hatte einen ganz schönen Fuckup beim Update auf #Mastodon 2.7.1. Einige Gems wurden plötzlich nicht mehr gefunden. Ich mußte am Ende Mastodon komplett neu installieren.


Well, above RFC has been superceded by , but that says the same thing, that URLs should be delimited by angle brackets or double quotes or whitespace.

@Gargron Can you consider making #mastodon recognize that (see Appendix C of RFC3986). See below how the ending '>' and '"' are incorrectly encoded as part of the URL:

- <>

- ""

@Gargron i know #Mastodon is your baby but you should listen to people when they ask for usability improvements. Easily identified links is basic UX... and really easy to do.

"It's ugly" isn't a good enough argument. Sorry. "It's not easy to use for some people" on the other hand is.

Even i, being not impaired or whatever, have trouble to differenciate links from plain text in standard themes.

We believe in a decentralized Internet #fediverse. That's why we're at #Mastodon now!#Introduction #Privacy #Security

Hey #GNUSocial citizens, Mastodonians and others! Tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K's servers can join the #fediverse in just one click!

Help test, improve and join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

Great set of new features in #Mastodon 2.7! Thanks @Gargron and all the other developers! My favorite one: group multiple hashtag searches in one column. Also great that Mastodon now includes an API for scheduled toot's. Hope a web UI to schedule toots and manage them will come in one of the next releases.