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Over in #social, @Gargron said that no-one is using rel-me verification. That's not true, as indieauth uses it. You do have to be a bit careful with twitter, and Facebook is a lost cause, but it works with WordPress and github as well as personal sites. Here's how it works with a browser plug in previously @cwebber @aaronpk

BY THE WAY anonymous internet strangers, if you are upset and confused about #decentralized social networks but (and this part is important) don't want to be confused any more, do come on over to #social channel on where we're all still hanging out and willing to help.

This stuff *is* complicated and distressing... trust us... and we (the Working Group and proximate communities) went through a lot of shiz so hopefully you don't have to.


So, I've pushed out my post about what a modern #distributed, #federated alternative to #Facebook would/should look like. It's only in outline form now, and could be fleshed out, but I wanted to publish it so people could comment here.

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woaaaah twitch is implementing WebSub for channel updates! holy shit this is so cool.

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Private Mastodon instance has been upgraded to 1.4.7 version and we performed basic sanity check

Internet #social #impact as huge as #climatechange. We need #environmentalism for the net.

Even as they revel in their network-reinforced positions, the big tech companies are battling with problems so big and intractable, and so far-reaching in their effects.. truly global phenomena. The problems have crept up on us over the years, but only recently have they seemed overwhelming.

Thanks @mattcropp for the #SecessionFromTheBroadcast link
It really connects with the #Mastodon experience
Inspiring lines:
~"this new thing, structure, operational inversion of broadcast = a #social #metamedium
~allows others to construct their own environments
~communication separate people, #conversation gather them together
~start putting together the media world that is going to be yours"